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Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

Prison Break: The Conspiracy

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Prison Break The Conspiracy
Tom Paxton, a Company agent, is dispatched on a mission into Fox River Penitentiary after Michael Scofield, an engineer with no previous criminal record, suddenly attempts a bank robbery and is sent there. In this same prison, Scofield’s brother, Lincoln Burrows, is set to be executed for the murder of the Vice President’s brother. Paxton’s orders are clear: observe Scofield and find out what he’s up to. Paxton must adapt to prison life and remain inconspicuous while maintaining his undercover status. But prison has its rules and regulations, as Paxton quickly — and often painfully — learns while digging up information about the key figures in Fox River and their plans. Suddenly, the mission becomes more than simple observation: it’s a deadly game, and survival is the main goal — and the ultimate prize.

The developer company Zootfly has developed the game based on the events of the first season of the original Fox TV series. However, instead of controlling Michael Scofield, you end up playing the role of Tom Paxton. All in all the game is enjoyable, it is for starters a continuous quest for clues and new trails. At the start your main objective is to befriend your in-mates and answer to their requests, they will ask you to do extreme chores, pretty much the only thing the in-mates will not ask you to do is to pick up their personal stuff whenever they go to the bathroom.

For the bulk of the game you will be hiding in cupboards and underneath delivery vans, or avoiding security cameras as you go out of your way to earn a respectable position in the prison hierarchy.

The events of Prison Break: The Conspiracy run concurrently with those of the series’ first season. It’s outcome is the same – they escape – and it doesn’t reveal anything that will please fans or cast new light on the show’s characters or plot lines. If you’re an absolute Prison Break diehard, don’t buy this game – steal a copy instead, surrender yourself to the police and then get sent to an actual jail – because serving a real sentence couldn’t possibly be harder time than this.

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