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Friday, 23 Feb 2018

PSN could be down until May 31

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PSN could be down until May 31

Today we have learned that it might be a while before the Playstation Network gets back up. Yesterday marked the end of the week in which Sony's second in command, Kazuo Hirai, promised that the PSN would be up within the next seven days, and we still are waiting desperately for the network to show signs of life.

In the meantime Sony has said that the plans of getting the PSN back online were delayed due to testing to make sure everything was working properly. And today, we have learned that a spokesperson for the japanese electronics giant has news regarding when the Network might be back up. The rep claims that Sony is now shooting for a date to have a fully restored Playstation Network of May 31, according to Bloomberg reports.

The network will be coming online gradually, some services will be available before others, but the rep claims that Sony will have all services on the network working by the end of the month.

These latest developments follow the line of broken promises that Sony has been giving its users regarding the time the network will be restored. Around the middle of April Sony promised it would be a couple of days, at the beginning of May it would be a week, and now they claim that almost a whole month will be necessary to ensure the security of the Network. We can only hope that this time they actually follow through, and that we will end up with a better and more secure network.

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