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Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

Sony claims Anonymous might be to blame on PSN attacks

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Sony claims Anonymous might be to blame on PSN attacks

Sony has told US congress yesterday that they have found a file on SOE's servers linking the hacker group "Anonymous" to the data leak suffered by the japanese giant 3 weeks ago. The file had the group's motto: "We are Legion", however, this in itself is not a clear proof of "Anonymous" being the perpetrator of the crime.

Sony told Congress that "Whether those who participated in the denial of service attacks were conspirators or whether they were simply duped into providing cover for a very clever thief, we may never know."

In the meantime, Anonymous has tried to do damage control and spread the word that they in fact did not have anything to do with the security breaches that lead to credit card theft suffered by Sony and Sony Online Entertainment. Members of the now infamous hacker group have been removing discussions of attacks on their IRC channels and have mentioned that operating against Sony at this point might lead to a ban.

The group has also sent a letter to congress to further deny any participation on the data leak:

"Last month, an unknown party managed to break into Sony's servers and acquired millions of customer records including credit card numbers," it reads. "In so much as that this incident occurred in the midst of Anonymous' OpSony, by which participants engaged in several of our standard information war procedures against the corporation and its executives, Sony and other parties have come to blame Anonymous for the heist."

The letter continues to deny the groups involvement by claiming that whoever did attack Sony did not follow the "modus operandi" of Anonymous, and that the group's objectives have nothing to do with theft or criminal activities.

At this point, however, the claims of "Anonymous" seem to have little to no weight to the community of gamers that have been affected by the Playstation Network being offline and suffering from personal and financial information being out in the open. It does seem also that one of the main characteristics of the group, the anonymity of its members, is becoming a liability more than an advantage.

Consumer anger is being directed Anonymous. The group was fighting for what it seemed a cause that did not represent the general sentiment of the gaming community, and once the PSN was offline, a great deal of complaining was heard through all the media outlets. On top of all this, it's hard to claim no responsability when there is no accountability within the group itself. Nobody really knows who is a member and who is not.

Whatever the case might be, guilty or not, Anonymous is not coming out of this whole situation without getting some of the blame. Whoever is responsible for the PSN and SOE attack and whatever their connection to this notorious hacking groups might be, will hopefully get caught sooner or later by Sony and the FBI investigators. Is only at that point that the truth will come out and the guilty party will not be so "Anonymous" anymore.

Article source CVG

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