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Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

Geohot's lawyer: Sony has no real proof of PSN account creation

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Geohot lawyer: Sony has no real proof of PSN account creation

New developments on the Sony Vs. Geohot have emerged. A few days ago we reported that Sony had proof of a Playstation Network account being created by the hacker. If this is to be true, George Hotz's case could be doomed, since having a PSN account would prove that he was bound to the Terms Of Service and therefore was not allow to tamper with his PS3.

Today we have learned from documentation of one of Geohot's attourneys that Sony might be creating accusations based on unfounded evidence:

Quoted from 117-main.pdf: – Stewart Kellar

"Now, SCEA claims that Mr. Hotz must have created a PSN account for the name “blickmaniac” because the serial number of one of the 4 Playstation Computers that Mr. Hotz purchased– including 3 Playstation Computers that were purchased used– was used to register a PSN account. The serial number utilized by SCEA, however, is different from the serial number proffered by Mr. Hotz’s attorney. Compare Law Dec., Ex. A, with Kellar Dec., Ex. I. Moreover, such information does not include any information relating to Mr. Hotz.3 The sole way SCEA attempts to demonstrate that “blickmaniac” is Mr. Hotz is an unauthenticated and hearsay blog posting where an individual attempts to sell an unlocked cell phone — which is not unusual and major product retailers like sell. Curiously, a search for “blickmanic” also yields a hearsay blog posting where an individual using the name “eepog” claims that he is the owner of the “blickmanic” account and states “the PSN account was created by me!!!” Kellar Dec., Ex. K. It is important to recognize the dubious nature of creating a PSN account. Just as someone can enter a false name or fake e-mail when entering personal information on a sweepstakes card, someone can enter the same false information when registering for a PSN account. Gillil- and Dec. Ex. A.4 Similarly, an individual can also use a fake serial number or an improperly obtained serial number to create a PSN account.

Well, this does not surprise us, at this point in the Trial is really important to cover all your bases and Geohot's lawyers are doing just that. It is still hard to tell which party is actually telling the truth or which one is lying, we will just have to wait and see how everything plays out and what other proof Sony can get against the hacker. Not to worry, we will report any new developments that come up in the future. If you want to get a hold of the original legal documents you can grab them here

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