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Friday, 23 Feb 2018

Playstation Move might become available for PC

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Playstation Move might become available for PC

Dr. Richard Marks, creator of the Playstation move has declared recently to Ars Technica that he feels it's time to open the device to allow people to develop new applications and functionality for it.

He pointed out that oppenness brings innovation and publicity to the product, mentioning the videos that hobbysts have been posting on the internet about their projects, making the device look even more appealing and useful

In his recent declarations Dr. Marks also mentioned that while the Microsoft kinect device has been opened a little bit, the amount of data that can be grabbed is not close to what it could be, access to skeleton tracking and higher level functions on the device are still inaccessible to developers outside of Microsoft.

There have been rumors that in the future the Playstation Move may be available for the PC platform, and that PC drivers for it are in the works, however, Dr. Marks neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. He did confirm that the Move will remain a PS3 product, and that if ever offered on other platforms, it will still remain primarily a device for the PS3 and will be marketed primarily as such, he recognized that the device might not be a good fit for interfacing with computers, but would be very interesting to see what other uses the hardware could have once is open to the public.

Source article: Ars Technica

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