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Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

Sonic Colors

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The upcoming Sonic Colors

Sonic laces up his red sneakers and dashes to the intergalactic amusement park in Sonic Colors, SEGA's newest adventure starring the spikey-haired speedball. But Sonic isn’t heading to the theme park for fun and games. Dr. Eggman is stealing adorable squid-like aliens called Wisps and using their magical powers to build planet-sized parks.

Sonic Colors mixes 2D and 3D platforming at worm-burning speeds, but Sonic has some new tricks up his sleeves. Adding some color to Sonic’s heroics, harnessing the Wisps’ powers gives Sonic extra abilities to help him reach certain areas of the world and carve his way through baddies like never before. For instance, using the White Wisps power, Sonic can boost at any time, while Yellow Wisps let Sonic drill underground or in water.


SEGA included  co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes for the Wii version. Players will be able to use their Mii avatars or Sonic bots to race through challenges. The DS version has a 'Special Stages' feature similar to Sonic Rush. Sonic Colors follows closely behind the release of Sonic 4: Episode 1, which launched a couple of weeks ago. While Sonic Colors is an original story incorporating classic characters and new characters, Episode 1 is a direct continuation of the original Sonic series.

Releasing in the U.S. and Canada on November 16, Sonic Colors will be available on the Nintendo Wii and DS systems with unique Wisps available for both the console and handheld versions. The Wii will include eight Wisps while the DS version is reported to have six of these cuddly creatures.

Although 3D-style Sonic games haven’t always done well with fans of the original Sonic adventures, Sonic Colors should be a nice offering for platforming fans, complete with the fun and colorful Sonic visuals that always manage to cause a splash. Stay tuned for the final word on this next Sonic game!

Review by John Arkontaky, you can find his original article here



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