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Friday, 23 Feb 2018

New Gaming Glasses will protect your eyes

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New Gaming Glasses will protect your eyes

A new range of glasses specialized for Gaming is now available from eyewear maker Gunnar. The new eyewear line will be distributed throughout North America by Best Buy and will include glasses for Advanced Computer Eyewear and Advanced Gaming Eyewear. The glasses are designed specifically to prevent eye strain and dryness caused by prolonged screen staring.

Rob Aarnes, president of Gunnar said: "Today's consumer is tech savvy, As digital devices continue to put more and more strain on our vision, it's only natural that our specialized eyewear is made available wherever those devices are sold. It will undoubtedly be an explosive growth segment for consumer electronics retail."

On their website, Gunnar mentions some of the features of the glasses:

  • Increases Contrast for greater accuracy and efficiency
  • Enhances detail for sharper, clearer vision
  • Increase visual endurance for marathon gaming sessions
  • Decrease fatigue and dry eyes
  • Cuts down glare and improves focus

Retail prices for the glasses range from $79.99 to $99.99. The glasses can also be obtained through prescription and carried by around 15,000 eye care providers nationwide.Gunnar is also currently in talks with Best Buy about the store carrying "Premium 3D eyewear" to support the arrival of new 3DTV technology -- presumably these are 3D glasses which incorporate Gunnar and Zeiss' lens technology to make the experience less painful for prolonged use.

Article source can be found at Gunnar.

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Hey Jake:
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What the hell is the name of this song. It's not that bad i wanna hear more.. Anyone know?

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