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Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Preview Featured

Killzone 3 Killzone 3

So if you’ve played Killzone 2, you’ll know that it graphics were probably the best seen in any console FPS so far, and in my view Killzone 3 has raised the bar even further. The graphics are as sharp and crisp as anything you’re likely to see, even though this is only a beta, there’s no let up in any sense, which is a real credit to the brilliant developers at Guerrilla Games. There are 3 maps to get to grips with within the beta but the Frozen Dam map is one level where we really think both graphics really shine; with whirling snow coming down adding to the overall semi-wrecked look of the map.

When outside on the map your footprints even leave trail in the snow, and if you’re listening carefully you can even hear the crunch of the snow under foot when you’re moving around too. Each map has loads of detail and it really puts to shame other games on the market – we have to remember this is still beta code!

If you remember KZ2 there was certain issues with controller delay, which was then patched out of the game; but there’s none of that horrible delay here…no no. The controls are responsive and accurate like a headshot. Another unique KZ feature is that the controls are unlike any other FPS, here you use L3 to aim in, while most FPS on the market go for the stereotypical L1 route. This can be a bit of a challenge to get us to but there’s always the option to change to the alternative layout featuring the more popular layout. So those of you worried about controller issues, don’t fear, they’ve been sent to the naughty step for good.

The different classes are back in KZ3 and while they’re still the same as they were in KZ2 they’ve had minor changes here and there. One noticeable change is that in KZ2 the Engineer class had the shotgun, not anymore, that now belongs to the Infiltrator class. We also see all the other classes return. If you enjoyed being a Medic, you’ll be able to get your healing fix.

Every class has three different perks that can be unlocked via Unlock points. Perks such as engineers being able to make turrets and a new one for the medics. This is a Medic Drone that will, when shot and about to die, give you the option to get back up and carry on completing healthful aids to your fellow fighters.

The XP ranking system is back too; which helps you unlock the perks by getting kills, healing or repairing throughout a match earning you XP points which culminate as you improve your rank within the game. You get 100 points for kill and an added 50 if you manage to do so with a headshot. While other games on the market reward kill streaks with certain “Call in Perks”, KZ3 rewards you with extra XP points; which is a refreshing change and certainly means players will need a certain amount of skill.

Remember Badges/Ribbons from KZ2? They also feature in Killzone 3. We don’t know a full list of what badges feature yet, but there’s one certain Ribbon that was enjoyable to try and gain, and that was the ‘Double XP Kill’ ribbon. Where you get 200 XP points for a kill, however, this only lasts a short while but it’s another added ribbon that will sure come in handy in the heat of battle. At the end of each match/round your stats for the game will appear on screen, featuring the amount of kills, assists and badge/ribbons earned during the game.

Well then, remembering that this is only a beta, and that there are going to be certain bugs within it, the Killzone 3 MP beta plays like a full retail game should. Visually it’s a treat to play, with stunning sound to compliment it too; it really is going to be a game to play with the surround sound rammed on high.

You can really see the amount of time and effort Guerrilla Games has been put into this mere beta; it easily puts others to shame. With Killzone 3 coming out in February 2011 it’s easily going to be a contender for game of the year, and we can’t wait to get our grubby hands on it!

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Additional Info

  • Title: Killzone 3
  • Date Release: February 2011
  • Platform: PS3
  • Game Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Producer: Guerrilla
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