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Wednesday, 17 Jan 2018
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Mindjack Review

Tuesday, 18 January 2011 10:55 Published in Reviews

AD 2031...A new era. Sophisticated and complex technologies are now contributing to the advancements of mankind. However, the world’s governments are crumbling, new corrupt powers arise and conspiracies proliferate. The truth behind the proscribed technology could destroy the very core of humanity. Join a rogue team of agents as they fight for survival and entangle themselves deeper into the mystery. MINDJACK offers a unique online experience. Enter a revolutionary playing field upon which an engaging solo campaign transitions seamlessly to thrilling cooperative play. Expand your mind’s reach by “hacking” into enemies, vehicles or civilians and enjoy the freedom to control almost any character. Each bystander becomes an active combatant in this new urban warfare. Your “state of mind” is your only limitation!

DC Universe Online Review

Sunday, 09 January 2011 12:51 Published in Reviews
We've spent a fair amount of time with Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming DC Universe Online at various events since it was announced in July 2008. The massively multiplayer online game has typically shown well, although it has yet to make good on its promise to let players live the life of a budding superhero or villain in the DC Comics world. On a recent visit to SOE's Austin studio, we had the chance to play a meaty chunk of the game's opening levels, which included a face-off against Gorilla Grodd. The biggest question weighing on our mind during this most recent demo was whether the game would finally deliver on the promise hinted at since its debut.


Ilomilo Review

Thursday, 06 January 2011 22:32 Published in Reviews

At its root, ilomilo is simply a puzzle game. Each level is composed of purposely organized rows and stacks of cubes that must be traversed between two characters to have them reunited. At its heart, however, ilomilo is an adorably pleasant game centered on equally cute protagonists. ilo and milo are the best of friends, and reuniting them is your task as the player. Although the storyline is thin at its core, that simplicity is perfectly suited to the nature of the game.

Batman: Arkham City Preview

Tuesday, 28 December 2010 13:59 Published in Coming Soon

To start, this game is a sequel to the action-adventure game Batman: Arkham Asylum based on DC's comics Batman that was distributed for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC platfoms. Arkham city is very much like its predecessor: an action game that incorporates new elements such as stealth capabilities and predator tactics.


Tron: Evolution Review

Friday, 26 November 2010 20:02 Published in Reviews
The original TRON was a movie far ahead of its time. Considering the movie was released in 1982, the special effects and production values were absolutely mind blowing, and the film has aged surprisingly well. The anticipated sequel TRON: Legacy hits theatres next month, but in the meantime we have TRON: Evolution to keep ourselves occupied. The game isn’t exactly a adaptation of TRON: Legacy, instead it’s a standalone adventure that ties the two movies together.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

Thursday, 25 November 2010 09:35 Published in Featured

There's a time and place for innovation, but you certainly can't expect a tie-wearing gorilla to lead the charge into unexplored territory. As the name suggests, Donkey Kong Country Returns is a trip down memory lane, and this tightly crafted collection of classic platforming tropes shows that clever level design can be just as engaging as brand-spanking-new ideas. Even without cutting-edge features to distinguish it from other 2D platformers, Donkey Kong's latest adventure is exciting because it constantly messes with your expectations. Dynamically changing levels are the most noteworthy element, and though this idea has cropped up in other games, it's done exceptionally well here. Levels morph before your eyes, and this unpredictability ensures you're continually presented with new obstacles that require sharp reflexes to navigate. A few questionable control decisions are the only problems in this exciting blast from the past. Donkey Kong's return to gaming is definitely a triumphant one.

Fallout: New Vegas Review

Wednesday, 03 November 2010 06:13 Published in Reviews

Two years after Bethesda revive and reinvigorate the series with Fallout 3, Obsidian now take the reins with Fallout New Vegas, bringing along some of the development team from the original titles for the ride. What the new team bring to the table is a stronger focus on the RPG mechanics and the game thrives on them. This could well prove to be another game of the year entry for the Fallout series.

GoW Ghost of Sparta Review

Monday, 01 November 2010 21:54 Published in Reviews

The word "epic" gets thrown around an awful lot, but it's rare that a portable game is worthy of such a lofty distinction. God of War: Ghost of Sparta doesn't let the diminutive hardware it resides on get in the way of delivering the breathtaking sense of scale for which the series is known. Incredible visuals ensure the mythical locations you venture to continually amaze with their strong sense of place and varied artistic design. And sharp controls push Kratos' unrelenting rage to the forefront so you can focus on tearing the minions who dare oppose you limb from bloody limb. Ghost of Sparta is an impressive technical achievement that is almost indistinguishable from its PlayStation 2 brothers, but that authenticity comes with a few drawbacks. The chaotic action makes it easy to lose Kratos on the PSP's small screen, and some of the controls are uncomfortable enough to cause aggravation. But aside from a few awkward moments, Ghost of Sparta is another great entry in the respected series that does justice to Kratos' deadly exploits.

Batman Arkham Asylum

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 08:57 Published in Reviews

Hyperbole can be venomous to a review's credibility. Any insightful merit which a video game critique may possess seemingly goes out the window as soon as the reviewer starts dropping bombs like "best game ever" or "literally mindblowing" or "it will birth you anew in its magnificence." Perhaps it is because we've all heard these phrases -- save for that last one -- so many times that they've lost their currency with us.


Rest assured, I'm not being hyperbolic when I say that Batman: Arkham Asylum is unquestionably the best licensed game I've ever played. At the end of the day, however, that's a fairly low hurdle to clear -- it better reflects the game's quality to say it's one of the best stealth-action games ever made, and easily the best video game 2009 has had to offer thus far.

Def Jam Icon

Tuesday, 27 July 2010 08:35 Published in Reviews
In collaboration with urban lifestyle powerhouse Def Jam Interactive, EA Chicago, the team behind the critically acclaimed EA SPORTS Fight Night series is integrating hip hop culture and gaming like never before. With the hottest music seamlessly infused into the world around you, the game's environments pulsate, crumble and explode life with every bone-jarring beat.

Musically Charged Combat:
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