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Saturday, 24 Feb 2018

Madden 12 Preview

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Madden 12 Madden 12

The newest installment of the yearly Madden franchise has major improvements to the presentation, Superstar mode, Franchise and physics of the tackling game.

New additions have been made to the game such as custom play books, improvement on game flow. New collision technology has been added allowing the player to control the tackler up until the point of impact, 100 new tackle animations and 40 new gang tackles.

Superstar mode has been made more accessible for new players of the series by adding skill points that upgrade your player and you can place them in whatever stat you choose and the practice that your team undertakes now improves your superstar status.

The biggest improvement in the game is the franchise mode which has many new features the list of features include:

  • player rating that always changes and also is based on consistency and confidence
  • over 20 roles of the players such as playoff performer and trench warrior
  • coaches now affect the players stats based on their style
  • bidding for player against other GMs in live time, increasing the price each time until all but one GM is left who wins the player
  • in the offseason changing teams is now allowed
  • the scouting system has been improved with ratings of their seasons and events such as the college season, combine and their individual workout
  • pre-season games have more of an effect on gameplay as the roster will have 75 players and cuts need to be made. Playing the pre-season games will reveal the player ratings
  • Computer controlled GMs now have smarter AI (Artificial Intelligence) for example they now hire players that the team needs and cut players that aren't useful to the team
  • the ability to alter the ratings of any player has been introduced
  • a retirement logic, an improved salary system and a fixed simulation stats

An interesting change to the madden series is the new dynamic player performance system which allows NFL players to play how they actually play on the field. For example Peyton Hillis use his strength to always go for the extra yards but put a big hit on him and force him to fumble he will start to cover up more making him cautious to not fumble and disregarding the extra yards that he usually pushes for. The main direction for the dynamic player system is for the player to have a different experience every time they play. A new confidence system has been introduced which also ties in to the dynamic player performance it works by doing what NFL player you are controlling likes to do building up the players confidence so that he can make more spectacular catches, big runs and accurate passes

The online mode now has custom play-books that was excluded from last years installment and focuses on increasing player to player connection.

Additional Info

  • Title: Madden NFL 12
  • Date Release: August 30, 2011
  • Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, PSP, Wii, DS
  • Game Genre: Sports
  • Producer: EA Tiburon - EA Sports
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